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Stop Acid Reflux Naturally

Digestion: AlkaPlex Capsules

The Digestion product neutralizes the excess stomach acids generated internally by stress, high protein diets (diet-induced metabolic acidosis), and the aging process. The natural mineral formula is delivered in vegetable-based capsule form to dissolve quickly (within 10 minutes) in the stomach.

By doing so, it acts as an "extinguisher" to put out the fire of excess stomach acid, in all its forms, much more effectively than sodium bicarbonate and other lessor alkalizing products. All of this is without the usage restrictions and negative side effects of toxic formulations and their weaker over-the-counter formulations.

Acidic Foods: AlkaPlex Granules

This Acidic Foods product is in granular form so you can easily mix it into acidic beverages (coffee, orange juice, tomato juice, etc.) and sprinkle it on acidic foods (marinara, vinaigrette, spicy sauces, etc.)

Incorporating this mineral compound into acid-producing foods before you consume them heads-off their unpleasant and damaging effects. Plus, the granules stay in the body for longer-lasting absorption than sodium bicarbonate and other lesser acid-neutralizing products.

Natural supplement for acid reflux
Daily Peak Performance for health

Daily Peak Performance:
Alkaplex Caplets

Every single system in the body is negatively affected by too much acid. The patented AlkaPlex mineral compound in "Daily Peak Performance" helps to neutralize the excess body acids generated by stress, the aging process and strenuous every-day activity (exercise-induced metabolic acidosis).

What People Are Saying...

My experience with Relief Without a Prescription's products have been phenomenal. I have been a holistic lifestyle coach for over 9 years and have worked with many different natural products over the years, but I’m having all new health revelations with the Alka-Plex technology in the Daily Peak Performance, Digestion and Acidic Food Granules! Since I started taking Daily Peak Performance, I’ve noticed several key changes. I have more energy, enjoy longer and stronger workouts, and my digestive issues have ceased! I used to feel fatigued after meals becoming bloated and sluggish but with my Daily Peak, I’m able to enjoy the foods I want and have more regular waste eliminations. I feel so much lighter! Tummy bloat is a thing of the past and if I ever eat something that doesn’t agree with me, I take a Digestion formula and within 20 minutes, my digestive discomfort is gone.

I’m passionate about my fitness and workout at least five times a week doing heavy weight training and intense HIIT cardio exercise. Since taking my Daily Peak, and using the Acidic Food Granules sprinkled into my water or workout beverages, I’ve taken my workouts to a whole other level. I’m able to lift significantly heavier weights, do higher repetitions and experience less fatigue during my sessions. While I still experience soreness during recovery, it is far less and I’m able to get back to my next workout that much faster and without my body giving me grief! By flushing out the excess acid in my body, my body looks leaner and more toned because I’m no longer holding on to those harmful toxins.

I love these products so much not only am I a loyal user but I’ve incorporated them into my holistic lifestyle coaching platform so that my clients can enjoy all the wonderful health benefits too! I’d highly recommend Daily Peak Performance as a daily healthy lifestyle supplement to elevate your health from average to vibrant.

~ Claudia Field, Holistic Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I take “Peak” every morning, and can honestly say it has changed my life. The area of health I’ve arguably felt the greatest impact is regarding my energy. Before I was taking Peak, come 2:00pm of a normal work day, I found myself lacking the energy needed to concentrate on my job. Not only has Peak given me enough of an energy boost to finish my work days, but it leaves me with lots more to attend the gym in the evening.

As someone who works out religiously; is constantly lifting weights and doing cardio, I would usually take days off to recover my body. Naturally, the harder you work out, the more lactic acid is built-up in the body, causing all sorts of pains and soreness. Not only has Peak significantly diminished my level of aches and discomfort, but my stamina and durability have risen immensely.

All in all, I’ve never felt healthier in my life. My energy levels are up, my body feels loose, and my mind feels sharp.

For me, Peak is a magical formula that keeps my body healthy and my mind happy.

~ Zack Gaylis, Director, Global Marketing RWOP